It Takes the Latest iPad Pro to Enjoy New Zoom Features

You have already heard the world about how great the hardware of the new generation iPad Pro is. So did Zoom. The popular video conferencing service rolls out two new features that make use of that incredible power. So if you are an owner of a new iPad Pro, you are lucky to try these.

The first exclusive feature is named Center Stage. With it, you can move around and change your posture in front of the ultrawide front camera. The real-time image processing will still keep you in focus. 

For business conferences, it’s just some better quality. But if you are a fitness trainer, a dancer, or just move along a long row of items to show them one by one, being in focus is crucial.

The second iPad-centric feature is Expanded Gallery View, an irreplaceable feature for meetings with a large number of people involved. Instead of the usual 25 people simultaneously on the screen, those with iPad Pro 12.9” will be able to see 49 faces at once. On smaller iPads, though, there will also be an increase in numbers, though not that impressive.

Is this a reason to order yourself a new iPad Pro to up your Zoom experience? If Zoom is crucial for you, why not. But, rather, it’s another minor reason to upgrade, among other reasons like M1 performance and potential software compatibility.

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