Mac Users Are Out of Danger Now

Apple confirmed that they finally fixed a critical issue. An issue that could potentially put in danger millions of Mac users.

During the Spring Loaded event, Apple showcased new products like AirTags, as well as system updates. One of the highlights was the update for macOS, fixing a critical issue.

The issue we’re talking about was a breach in the macOS, which could allow cybercriminals to install pieces of malicious code on your machine. 

The bug was spotted by Cedric Owens — a security specialist. He discovered, that macOS can be tricked into thinking that an app directly downloaded from the web is notarized and therefore harmless.

As a result, upon clicking on a potentially dangerous installation file — or a malware disguised as any other file — user would commence infecting their Mac with a virus.

“All the user would need to do is double click — and no macOS prompts or warnings are generated”, said Owens. 

He demonstrated the bug by disguising the Calculator app as a text file. And though it’s a harmless tool, the breach could possibly be exploited to produce serious damage. 

The bug is dubbed CVE-2021-30657 and here you can learn more about the problem and how it was solved.

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