More Opportunities to Promote Business on Tiktok

Lots of TikTok users managed to attract investments in their projects. Now they have another great opportunity to monetize what they do. The service developers have added the 'Promote' option, which in its essence resembles the similar Facebook functionality (the Boost Post button). Read on to find out how to make your videos more popular.

To promote your brand, TikTok offers a three-step plan. First, you need to pick the post you want to advance. Better to start with the most popular one at the moment; this way, you will draw the attention of a new audience to the brightest video in your collection.

Second, select your ad campaign settings. You have three main goals to choose from: increasing the number of subscribers, views, or site visitors. You also need to set a budget, ad duration, and target audience. The last item can be configured automatically or manually. Your content will be shown to the most suitable users according to the algorithms if you choose the first option. Manual customization assumes that you yourself specify the gender, age, and interests of your viewers.

Third, you need to wait for your promotion application to be approved. After that, you can monitor the advertising campaign and the achievement of the set goal. It is not yet clear how effective the new functionality is, but it is worth trying any means to promote your brand.

You can get access to the new feature through Creator Tools and Business Suite. Also, a 'Promote' button (a fire icon) is available under each video. Every post that you monetize in this way will be marked as 'Promoted' and shown to relevant users in the 'For You' feed. Please note that you will not be able to apply this feature to copyrighted content. So you won't be able to make money on a brand new melody.

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