New Games And Apps Added to Google Play Pass 

  • Greg Burn

Google announced that several new games & applications are coming to its Google Play Pass service. It’s a membership service that allows subscribers access to hundreds of games and apps which are free of ads & in-app purchases for $5.99 per month. Additionally, you can have up to 5 members of your family linked to your Google play pass account.

Google tends to upload new games to the platform every few months. Below is a list of some new game releases:

  • Cytus II: This is a music rhythm game that allows you to play as a DJ legend with hundreds of songs from all over the world.
  • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition: This is a fast-paced 2D metroidvania platformer full of exciting exploration and vicious enemies.
  • Delight Games (Premium Library): Immerse yourself in the fantasy worlds where your choices change the plot, enrich your experience, and allow for almost endless creativity.
  • Starman: Experience an amazing series of elaborate puzzles & atmospheric architectural scenes that are challenging, relaxing & immersive.
  • Summer Catchers: Embark on a quest that will take you from the frozen north to faraway lands. Explore the mysteries and encounter strange creatures that may help you or hinder your progress. 
  • Super Glitch Dash: This is an immersive rhythm-driven runner game that brings back memories of the original game.
  • Tesla vs Lovecraft: Play the role of the inventor Nikola Tesla and slay the lovecraftian horrors by harnessing the static energy to power your mech. 
  • Who is Awesome: This is a single-player mini-game that allows you to pick a player who then has to compete with the characters you didn't pick. 

That's all for now on the Google play pass updates. 

Have you downloaded or played any of these games? What games or apps would you like to see on the list? Please leave a comment below.