New Telegram Update: Voice chats in channels

  • Greg Burn

The new version of Telegram gives you a cool feature to create voice chats not only in group chats but also on public channels.

Clubhouse? Never Heard of It

The Clubhouse app has been very popular for the last couple of months because of the voice chats feature. However, the developers seemed to have lost interest in their brainchild, and as a result, the popularity of Clubhouse is now falling every day. But in Telegram, the developers took the Clubhouse concept and built it right into the voice chats in Telegram, eliminating most of the shortcomings that users complained about. So, Telegram has received a big update for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The main new trick is Voice Chats 2.0. Now you can create chats in channels, and the number of listeners is not limited.

In addition, users can save these voice chats as podcasts. If you take part in the chat as a listener, you can just raise your hand to join the discussion. Also, speakers can join another voice chat from their channels. To ease the process, the admins of channels and groups can get direct links to the voice chats. For speakers and listeners, there’s also an opportunity to create separate links.