Nintendo Switch Now Works as a Calculator

It seems the last thing you might need in a gaming console (anyway you have such an app in your smartphone or even a feature phone), but now Nintendo Switch has a calculator. It reminds the one you can see on your iPhone in terms of both design and usability when in simple and in advanced mode.

What’s even stranger is that the app named Calculator comes for $10 on eShop. You can have a hardware calculator for this money if you need one. For example, on Amazon you can find the famous Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS is just $13, and a decent Victor 940 for under $10. And they offer much more than just basic trigonometrical and logarithmic calculations you can do on the Switch app.

Yet the Nintendo calc app does have some pros: it is multifunctional enough to qualify as scientific, it’s easily readable, it displays more digits (in case precision is everything), and it lets you bring your console to class, as now it has educational value as well. So yes, for some users it may be useful rather than curious. Hardly can we expect, though, that Sony and Microsoft will follow the case and introduce paid calculator apps for PlayStation and Xbox. Again, Nintendo explores the territories where others fear to tread.

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