Plus One on Your Next Occasion With Tinder

  • Greg Burn

Last week, Tinder launched a new feature that lets you quickly find a date for weddings or other occasions. Kyle Miller, a Tinder vice-president of product innovation, announced it on his blog. Previously, finding a date required contacting all users directly, which took more time. With the "Plus One" option, persons can immediately notify those around them that they are looking for a couple for a wedding event or are ready to be one.

Tinder cooperated with WeddingWire, a company that specializes in organizing wedding ceremonies. As part of this campaign, it paid special attention to lonely guests. The first 100 Tinder users to join the Plus One feature will get $460 to cover costs. These can be gifts, tickets, hotel accommodation, etc. The amount was chosen on purpose; according to WeddingWire's calculations, it is the sum that one guest spends on a wedding on average.

According to Tinder representatives, the new feature will definitely be in demand among users. In particular, now, on the wedding season eve, the number of requests with the tag "plus one" has increased by 45%. The new feature is available in the Explore tab.

These initiatives are part of a large Tinder campaign to introduce new features that give users even more opportunities to find partners and interact with other people. Other innovations include the possibility to pay in advance for the booked date's ride. This option is made possible by a recent partnership with Lyft. In addition to social features, Tinder continues to improve security for its users. This summer, the company added an option to upload phone contacts and blacklist specific people. At the same time, Tinder announced plans to make freewill ID verification.

Please share your opinion in the comments. Do you find this feature useful? Do you think it will be in demand?