Poppy Playtime to Get Chapter 2: When?

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 26 Jan 2022

The universally beloved Poppy Playtime had only one drawback when released in October 2021: it only had the first chapter. It delivered a quite solid impression of being lost at a toy factory inhabited by infernal unliving things, but players wanted more. It seems that the developers finally gave away a bit of information about when and what.

The confession came from Isacx himself, the director of Mob Games which developed Poppy Playtime. On January 18, Isacx tweeted that the second chapter is being developed now. As he said, working on it is hard but fun. The second chapter, according to the director, will be better than the first and different in some aspects unspecified yet.

No other info has been revealed, though the fans asked their questions in the replies. Some of them even asked the director about the release date directly; the reply was that there wasn’t any release date scheduled so far. Neither is the game making it to Android devices, which is logical: mastering a new platform requires too much resource, and though with the name already made the game would be a bestseller, a single-player game is easy to hack (unlike MMOs). It makes more sense to release it on iOS where piracy isn’t such a plague, but this hasn’t been announced either.

From the beginning, the release of Chapter 1 implied that a sequel would arrive soon, and probably there will be more. We haven’t seen any pieces of the upcoming second chapter, but if we believe Isacx, it will improve the universe of the game. In gaming, better sequels are normal, so we can hope that the threequel will be even better. In this respect, we are to get a new FNAF, which is just great.

Have you already played the first chapter through? What do you expect from the sequel? Would you agree that Poppy Playtime is a great beginning for a long franchise? Leave a comment here to share your thoughts and expectations!

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