Reddit Rolls Out TikTok-esque Video Feed on iOS 

  • Samanta Blumberg

From Instagram’s short entertaining videos dubbed Reels to Snapchat’s similar functionality concept referred to as Spotlight, the majority of social media platforms seem to be immensely inspired by TikTok’s success. These days, even Reddit, a massive just-like-the-old-days discussion website, is focusing on short-form videos on its iOS mobile app.

With that said, Reddit has recently added a new video feed button near its search bar in the iOS app. When you tap this button, you see an endless stream of videos presented in a TikTok-ish format. Pulling content from most people you follow (or showing content related to what you’ve watched before), the new video player began rolling out in mid-August and is now fully available to Reddit iOS users.

Naturally, by integrating a customized video feed on the home screen of its iOS app, Reddit expresses its plans to push further into video. The company is so far silent on whether its new video feed is implementing a TikTok-like activity-based recommendation algorithm or not. Neither does Reddit share specific details on the feature’s arrival date on Android. 

In winter 2020, Reddit acquired TikTok’s rival Dubsmash, while signaling to the whole wide world its intention to use Dubsmash’s technology for developing other video features in the future. Today, despite Reddit’s emphasis on the new video feed’s ‘experimental’ nature, it’s obvious that the company is going to make the most of video-related tools within its application to reach bigger success. 

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