Revenue of Non-Game Subscription Apps Rose by 41%

  • Greg Burn
  • 28 Feb 2022

It seems that in just 1 year, the revenue of the world’s top one hundred non-game subscription apps has increased by 41%. According to the data collected by Sensor Tower, the total revenue of subscription apps rose from $13 billion to an astounding $18.3 billion.

And it’s not just because the total spending on apps is rapidly increasing. Last year, the revenue from non-game subscription apps accounted for 11.7% of the total profits, while this year it rose to 14%. And it’s not only the citizens of the US who are spending more on non-game subscription apps. It seems like it is a worldwide phenomenon. US citizens, however, are a major contributing factor, since 21% of their total $40.7 billion spending goes toward top subscription apps, which is 3% more than last year.

According to data that comes from the US, ninety out of the top one hundred most profitable apps in the United States were subscription apps.

Naturally, since Apple is all about frivolous spending, App Store has generated considerably more money than Google Play, despite the fact that the number of Android users is almost 3 times greater than the number of iOS users. It seems that iOS users are spending about 8 to 9 times more money on apps than Android users. Steve Jobs would have been proud to see such incredible numbers.

According to Sensor Tower, users of the App Store are a lot more ready to spend money on videos and dating (YouTube and Tinder), while Android users value large cloud storage and love reading manga (Google One and Piccoma).

Which non-game subscription apps do you spend money on? Why do you think Apple users are spending so much more money on apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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