Samsung Employs Google Messages

In the new smartphone line galaxy S21, Samsung will make Google Messages a default messaging app.

Samsung is integrating Google Messages into its GUI logic. Now, the app is part of the Galaxy’s visual ensemble, after it got a noticeable redesign adapting to Samsung’s visuals. 

As Redditors report, the app has two sections: unread messages counter and links to individual chats.

The aesthetic choice comes as part of the Samsung’s strategy to make Google Messages its #1 instant messenger. And the clever visual disguise makes you think that it was always there. That it was always Samsung’s property.

The strategy will be used only in some international markets though. For example, in the US Samsung Messages will remain the default messenger as usual. 

One of the reasons for Samsung and Google to do such a collaboration is the Rich Communication Services Chat (RCS Chat). 

Such a chat uses a protocol that allows people to combine instant messages and SMS into one, and also provide other communication perks.

Hiroshi Lockheimer from Google admitted that the redesign took place to make Google Messages look organic and native to the Samsung’s system. Perhaps, in future this messenger will become the main IM on every Galaxy phone worldwide.

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