Snapchat Works on TikTok Features Alternatives

  • Samanta Blumberg

Recently Snapchat shared the news with their fans that they are working on the Remix feature. Remix looks pretty similar to the TikTok Duets and may increase the competitiveness between two social network legends. And while TikTok definitely has unique features like Stitch and Duet that make the app attractive to uses, Snapchat works hard to surpass the rival.

Remix is designed to allow users to reply on Snaps. Using Snaps of your friends, you can create entirely new content. Basically, the name of the feature is pretty clear about its abilities. The feature allows users to reply to the story their friend revealed with its remix. All you need to do is to record the Snap and mix it with your friends’ original post. Doesn’t it look like Duets to you?

This feature is currently in external testing. The announcement made by Snapchat followed another announcement from Instagram. It appears that Instagram has also put a similar feature with the same name Remix on trial. It will be focused on the Reels content. Instagram’s new feature will let users create the Reel where their own videos and your videos can be played side by side. This one definitely looks like TikTok Duets.