Sony Patents Advanced Parental Control System

  • Greg Burn

Sony, one of the leading video game companies, has recently moved to create a system for advanced parental controls. This system is expected to be a major improvement from the previous consoles, which required workarounds such as confiscating the power cord. 

Sony's new system could potentially provide a dynamic system for parents to control the content their children can access. It could provide a range of settings, from age-appropriate games to limited playtime. It could also allow parents to customize the experience for each individual child. 

The system could also include age filters, which could be adjusted to meet the needs of each family. This could potentially prevent children from playing games that are too mature for their age. Additionally, the system could also provide an activity log of the child's gameplay. This would allow parents to monitor their child's playtime and the content they are accessing. 

The system could also potentially provide a rewards system. This system could reward children for positive behaviors, such as completing tasks or achieving goals in a game. It could also be used to provide educational content, such as tutorials and educational games. 

Sony's new parental control system could be a major step forward for the industry. With its dynamic settings, age filters, activity logs, and rewards systems, it could provide parents with a greater level of control over the content their children can access. Additionally, it could potentially provide a more engaging experience for children, with educational content and rewards for positive behaviors.