Starfield: A Sci-Fi Enthusiast's Journey into Crafting the Fascinating Borg Cube from Star Trek

  • Greg Burn

The dedicated Starfield сommunity never ceases to amaze, making the most out of Bethesda's spacefaring game features. From the initial announcement to the game's post-launch, one of the standout features that caught fans' attention is the highly customizable ship builder. Now, on stepping up their creativity game, a player engineered the famous Borg Cube from Star Trek, demonstrating the vast potential of Starfield's shipbuilder.

This sci-fi epic by Bethesda allows players to create the spaceship of their dreams, piecing it together module by module. Addressing the criticism of space exploration optics, the shipbuilder gives players an interactive stake in their journey, resulting in anticipation that skyrockets the game's popularity. With this feature, fans have been trying their hands on crafting the most popular ships, varying from Star Wars to Star Trek.

An ingenious gamer dubbed 'IngeniousIdiocy' took creativity to a new level by replicating the Borg Cube on Starfield's subreddit. Through a remarkable showcase video, the iconic Star Trek vessel in all its formidable glory left the audience amazed. Although it is not designed for gameplay, it’s a testament to the builder's flexibility and detail orientation. The player cleverly hid all essential parts, including the reactor, shield, and cargo hold, in a 2x2 hollow inside the cube. However, its massive size and shape restrict camera views, slimming down its mobility rating to 36.

In Starfield, ship customization is centered around ensuring the right balance between weight, mobility, and power. The chief goal is to construct a resilient ship that can host a crew and challenge the notorious Crimson Fleet pirates in the Settled Systems. Some ship enhancements even facilitate the concealment of contraband, letting players evade law enforcement scanners after making a grave jump into civilized space.

Despite its impressive debut, the game and its shipbuilding are set to scale greater heights post-launch. The game will allow modification and improvements by players in the near future, enhancing gameplay and personalization options. Incorporating mods similar to those that revolutionized Skyrim and Fallout 4, the release of the Creation Kit will truly unlock the game's potential, enriching the user experience. The community eagerly awaits to see how these advancements redefine Starfield's boundaries.