Swipe Party: Tinder to Let You Share Your Sessions with Friends

  • Greg Burn
  • 11 Jan 2022

Have you ever seen someone swiping through Tinder pages while their friend or two are watching the screen and advising on each encounter? Soon this experience will be possible online. Tinder is working on implementing social swiping that lets you invite your friends to participate.

The idea of consulting friends or relatives when choosing your match is older than literacy, and though arranged marriages are out of fashion now, it’s still often a good idea to consult whether to express your sympathy or not even try to. Photos and descriptions may say a lot but conceal even more, and sometimes (sorry) it takes someone more seasoned or just more sober to read between the lines. It’s a shame such a person isn’t always around.

That’s the issue that can be solved with Swipe Party, a feature Tinder is now reportedly implementing. With Swipe Party, you will be able to invite a friend through a video conference and let them see who you swipe through and what you both think of them. Maybe they happen to know someone you run into in person. Maybe they can read pictures and captions in a different way.

The fragments of the code revealing the upcoming feature have already been spotted by data miners in both Android and iOS versions. According to these fragments, Tinder will require access to your camera and microphone to conduct Swipe Parties. If you have ever spoken to someone on video on Tinder, though, you have already granted the app all the necessary permissions.

Match Group that owns Tinder and other dating apps has revealed that it’s intending to being more audio and video components to its apps. In addition, dating according to Match Group should become more of a social experience instead of private profile swiping. Swipe Party is pushing Tinder just in this direction. Are you ready to reveal your soulmate search even to closest friends? Share your opinion in the comments – if you wish, of course!

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