Telegram Cloud Chats Security Issue

  • Greg Burn

Telegram is a secure option for messaging that offers such features as secret chat that guarantees the privacy of communication, open source code, two layers of encryption and more. Although there are some weaker areas in its overall security. Let's talk about the recent Telegram update that fixes all the reported issues. 

Internet hygiene or what do you know about the security of your data?

Telegram's recent changes are related to security vulnerabilities fixes. The weakness turned out to be in MTProto, where researchers identified vulnerabilities in the encryption method. MTProto serves as a replacement for end-to-end encryption, also known as (E2EE). Based on the latest information, Telegram excludes the possibility of information leakage. Apart from that, the update does not include major changes.

Being a progressive messenger, Telegram uses the most advanced message encryption method. Secure communication is provided by both E2EE and MTProto. By using these protocols, the company provides a safety standard of transit data, which is an edition for transport layer security (TLC). Man-in-the-middle (MITM) is what this smart system fights against to protect users' messages. TLC prevents the possibility of various manipulations by intruders, for example reordering messages.

Latest Update

Telegram established that they have already fixed the code flaws. Unfortunately, researchers also found some less obvious ways for hackers to manipulate your data. Flaws were found in Android, iOS, and desktop versions of Telegram. If you use Telegram, make sure to download the latest version with all the fixes on your device. Don’t forget to leave your comment if you have some thoughts about this situation and share the article if you liked it.