The Threads App Has a New Feature to View Your Favorite Posts and More

  • Samanta Blumberg

Meta's Threads app has recently unveiled an exciting new feature that gives its users an opportunity to view all their liked posts within the app, bringing a fresh touch of personalization. Initially tested on Android beta, the feature is now available for all users, signaling Meta's continued dedication to enhancing user experience on its platforms.

Navigating these liked posts is seamlessly integrated into the user interface. A simple visit to Settings > Your Likes, which is found via the profile page, will display all the posts previously liked by the user. This is a different approach compared to Twitter's (X) option of placing a separate 'Likes' tab on the user profile. This new update puts a personal spin on user feeds, making it easier to revisit favored content.

In addition to this, Threads has integrated an awesome new feature focused on media sharing. Located under Settings > Account > Media Quality, this feature allows users to upload their images and videos in a much higher quality. As social media becomes increasingly visual, this enhanced media upload quality can significantly enhance content sharing and viewing experiences.

Taking the customization a step further, Threads now enables users to organize their following list according to the 'Latest first' or 'Earlier first' criteria. To check this out, one just needs to go to their profile, click on the follower's icon under the bio, and proceed to the 'Following' tab. It's user-centered additions like these that continue to make Threads a top choice for many.

This string of updates is part of a bigger enhancement plan, as hinted by Mark Zuckerberg last week. Highly anticipated features like post-search and a web version of the app are expected to roll out in the coming weeks. Even though Threads saw a stellar start with 100 million sign-ups in the initial days and strong signs of a usage dip, these new features might work the magic to attract and retain more users. With Meta at the helm, it's safe to expect more user-friendly upgrades that will continue to revolutionize our social media experience.