TikTok Attacks Bullying With New Comment Controls

  • Samanta Blumberg

TikTok officials are launching a new set of features to reduce the cases of bullying and harassment. Now, users can use the new comment controls and prompts to persuade cyberbullies to reconsider their harmful words. The new feature lets TikTok users filter and approve all the comments before the community views them. All the newly received comments will remain invisible until content owners decide to publish them. TikTok has already provided keyword filters, but the new feature provides much more control over unwanted comments. 

But what about preventing bullying BEFORE it occurs? For this, the updated algorithm will identify violent messages and ask owners to reconsider their words to have their comments published. A similar feature is already running on Instagram, where users are not prohibited from commenting if they change the wording.

The new features are launched in addition to the new community guidelines that tighten up the rules against harassment and bullying. The app now has a content advisory council that advises moderation rules. Do you find the new features useful? Do you think they help to reduce the problem? If you’ve already had experience fighting TikTok bullying, share your cases in the comments, and we would discuss them.