TikTok Makes It to LG, Samsung, and Android-powered TVs

  • Greg Burn
  • 25 Nov 2021

TikTok, the social media that finally justified portrait videos, is now making it to landscape screens. The official TikTok app is soon to appear on various Smart TV platforms, including the most popular: webOS by LG, Tizen by Samsung, and, of course, Android TV. Now you can enjoy TikToks at home as well as you do it on your phone.

This step seems not so logical for a social media that made the most use of smartphone screens. On the other hand, now TikTok is a cultural phenomenon, and videos make for it spread far beyond. And often you want to share a certain video with family and friends by watching it together, not by tapping “Share”. TikTok is rich in comedy and educational content, nature views, and fantastic stunts, so there is always something to watch. Given that a TikTok video can be up to 3 minutes, any single one won’t take long.

The TV version of the app is, of course, meant for viewing only. As you authorize in the app, it shows you the content of your “For You” and “Following” tabs, with videos by those you follow and recommended by the AI, based on your preferences. There is also a “Discover” tab where you can search for new videos beyond your recommendations. You can as well receive notifications, but the overall functionality is limited to fit the TV mode.

So far, the TikTok app for TV is only available in North America. Gradually it may roll out all over the world (except for India and other countries where TikTok is banned). This move makes sense, given that the audience of TikTok recently surpassed one billion users. As for platforms, it’s already present on Amazon Fire, and now it’s on the most popular TV platforms: Tizen (Samsung), WebOS (LG), Android (Sony, Philips, Vizio, TCL, and others, as well as Chromecast).

Are you a TikTok user? Have you tried it on your TV already? Is it more fun to watch it on the big screen? Does its vertical format ever confuse you? Let’s talk about it in the comments. Good TikTok videos are welcomed too.

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