TikTok Now Has Its Own Cybersecurity Toolkit

  • Greg Burn

Security has always been a concern to TikTok – primarily because it’s a big concern for its users outside China. Given how cautions parents get about their kids spending time on TikTok, as well as how much information businesses provide, a specialized cybersecurity toolkit becomes a necessity. And here it comes, made available in different shapes.

The toolkit has been developed together with Global Cyber Alliance. It contains everything an individual needs to know to protect their data and privacy. This includes both a number of apps one can use for protection and some bits of information necessary to use the tools correctly and protect what needs to be protected.

The basic course takes just one page, and TikTok has bothered to create this one page to provide a quick overview for users. In short, it recommends steps like using 2-factor authentication, checking all the addresses for errors and typos, and checking everything that even remotely looks like scam. Other measures include protecting all the connected devices and avoiding creating public links to events or groups you create.


Among the apps and tools recommended by GCA to use for further safety, there are password managers by Bitwarden or Specops, a number of antiviruses and process managers for various devices, 2-step authenticators by Google and Microsoft, auto-update tools, VPN services, and more. Names like BitLocker and FileVault are also there. The overall number of recommended apps is so far 33, but later more can be added. Some of them even don’t require an installation: they’re already in your system, you only need to start using them if not yet.

Well, these security recommendations go far beyond simply using TikTok, either for recreation or for shopping or selling. If you have read them, do you find them useful? Have you ever had any of the troubles they’re referring to? How did you handle them? Can you recommend better tools? We’d like to read your response in the comments!