TikTok’s New Instant Page

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 31 Jan 2022

After recent news about market fall and some new teenage drama, TikTok decided to launch Instant Page. It is supposed to bring a more immersive state to the in-app experience. The flow of videos will be smooth and fast, making users less tense.

The developers claimed that Instant Page loads eleven times faster than previous app updates. There you can see photos, videos, different buttons, and carousels. It will be interactive to involve brands and bloggers in the app’s environment.

In-feed ads will be barely noticeable to the user, making them more successful in the eyes of the brands. Promotional campaigns can get more creative and interesting. Pages will load faster, bringing users a more comfortable experience. The duration of the in-app exploitation is going to increase and the attention of the user will be more focused.

You will be able to customize your feed, so it will be unique to each user. Different content pages can pop up during your scrolling time, and you decided whether they stay or not. The Instant Page function is going to get updated with time, making it more optimized and controlled. Right now, the app may consume a lot of battery, but with re-works, it will get less wasteful.

Instant Pages are currently available in the last version of the app. Brands can launch new campaigns and analyzes traffic and reach of the views. TikTok wants to bring more companies to the app, expanding the reach of the product to new audiences. Currently, it is leading in the market for entertaining purposes, and it is definitely hard to beat it in the daily coverage of the app.

We will see what effect Instant Pages will actually bring to the app. User and company comments will defy whether the update was successful. Do you think this update will get TikTok on a new level? What other benefits can the company get from this launch? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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