Toronto Native Creates Tinder for Dogs

  • Greg Burn

Is your doggie single and looking to mingle? There’s an app for that! In this post, you’ll learn about a guy from Canada who created Tinder for dogs! His story will inspire you to work on achieving your mission even if you have zero background in the required field. So, keep reading for more details on how to find true love… for your dog.

Colin Jarvis-Gaum, a 27-year-old guy from Toronto has recently presented his new app called Pawmates: The Dog Meetup App. Jarvis-Gaum describes his creation as ‘Tinder for dogs’. The idea to create an app like that occurred to him when he was seeking a playdate for his folks’ older dog Pal. Jarvis-Gaum wanted to find other older four-legged friends for Pal, so he started working on the app to achieve this goal. 

Pal is no longer with us, unfortunately. But the app is alive and kicking (and approaching 10,000 downloads, actually). Back when he decided to create the app, Jarvis-Gaum had no expertise in this field at all. However, he started teaching himself how to code from scratch via online tutorials and later hired specialists who assisted him with the design.

Pawmates is, indeed, similar to Tinder in terms of the concept. You create a profile, upload a picture of your dog, and browse through potential matches in your area. If two dog owners have something in common, they get matched. After that, they can have a conversation and set up a face-to-face (and snout-to-snout) meeting. 

Now that the application is becoming popular, Jarvis-Gaum is noticing that, aside from helping people find dog playdates, the Pawmates matches often spark a romance for humans, too. We all know that for some dog parents, disinterest in their pet can be a deal-breaker in a potential partner. So, what about you? Wanna try and find a friend for your dog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.