Twitter is Testing New Analytics for Spaces

  • Greg Burn
  • 30 Mar 2022

Twitter Spaces, a popular alternative to Clubhouse rooms, has received a useful section with full analytics. The update provides users with access to key metrics of their Space rooms. More on that below. 

Powered-Up Spaces

The new analytics tab in Spaces lets you view such metrics as replays, chat duration, the total number of speakers, the number of live listeners, and the overall number of tuned-in users. After the update, you can tap on your audio room recordings and view all the key metrics to have an idea of how well your social audios perform. If you are a creator with a large following, you will also find monetization statistics for your ticketed Spaces. 

Due to the improvement, Spaces can become a much more powerful instrument for gaining broader Twitter exposure. Even though the Spaces feature hasn’t shown as high involvement as Clubhouse during its peak gype months, it still has many excited users who enjoy the fresh format. 

You can also try to increase engagement with the recently added option to create Spaces clips. There are short squeezes from your long recordings, which can be used similar to Instagram Stories. 

However, it’s still not clear if the Spaces feature will continue to grow on Twitter as the user engagement rates haven’t proven to be as high as in Clubhouse. The chances are pretty high that the feature will eventually fade similar to the good old Live feature. 

Hoping for the Best

As Twitter is still developing a separate tab for Spaces, the feature will still receive sufficient promotion and help bloggers expand their coverage. Let’s hope for the best and keep experimenting with the feature. Now, let’s chat about the update in the comments. Don’t forget to share the news on your Twitter account to inform other users.

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