WhatsApp Chat History Will Be Transferable

  • Greg Burn

1.5 billion users go to WhatsApp every month to do business, share memorable moments, gossip the latest rumors with friends, and so on. And yet, you can’t transfer your chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa.

The app’s developers are finally focusing on the problem. It’s been announced that one of the upcoming updates for WhatsApp will allow you to migrate your entire message history in case you want to switch platforms.  

So far, we have just a screenshot, which allegedly implies that the promised feature is now being actively tested prior to premiering. 

But that’s all for now. We don’t know when it’ll be released or which update will bring the highly anticipated patch.

But it’s only a matter of time since WhatsApp’s closest rivals — Viber, Telegram and Signal  — allow chat history migration in a flick. 

And today, lacking even a simple function that your rivals can serve on a silver plate, can seriously threaten a service. Even if it’s user-base is gargantuan.

Previously, WhatsApp has raised a mild controversy. The app’s team twitted once that using 3d party apps to move chat history is basically illegal — it violates terms & conditions. 

Such apps do exist up to this day. However, using them may put your personal security in danger. There’s no guarantee that some of them don’t intrude in your private life, nicking some sensitive data: names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, and so on.

So far, if you’re changing gadgets, your best call is to consult this official page. And while some disregard the feature as relatively useless, it’s always nice to back up your entire message history on two platforms. After all, memories are worth something.

Another feature that WhatsApp could mimic is Telegram’s file-sharing. TG, unlike WhatsApp, doesn’t store media files directly on your device unless you want to download them.