WhatsApp Web Bets Program in Progress

  • Greg Burn

Good news for Android and iOS platform owners! WhatsApp Web Bets Program is soon to be released. With its end-to-end encryption feature, WhatsApp is considered one of the most popular and trusted messengers worldwide. Users connect without paying anything, using the advanced features of the app. And it looks like WhatsApp developers are busy improving their services.

The new announcement says that WhatsApp Web Beta Program will be released for iOS and Android devices. Users are expecting to see the changes in the interface of the app. The new feature does not require an Internet connection on your phone.

The program is adopted with the main focus on new features and various experiments with them. It extends the already existed scenario and adds a unique experience to its functionality. Many users believe that the new Web Beta Program will be more useful. You don’t have to get your Internet connection and use the app while you are on the bus or in a subway. After the Code is scanned, the app does not require the activity of the phone. It can also connect to the 4 different desktop devices whenever you need to increase productivity and speed.