Will Xbox Get Android App Support?

  • Greg Burn

Microsoft recently announced future support for Android apps on its latest operating system. Windows 11 support is aimed to allow you to enjoy the famous mobile apps on your devices. We all await the software with the opportunity to use this function.

Is It Really Happening?

This news was revealed by XDA-Developers in the Microsoft Store. The subsystem for Windows was displayed in the list of applications. However, users claimed that after downloading, the application displays only a black window. Also, on this page, you can see Xbox One as a compatible device and the minimum requirement.

Let's take a closer look at the system demands so that you can understand what to expect in the future. PC owners will need a minimum of Windows 10 version 22000.0 as well as 8GB of RAM. This news came as a surprise to many of us. There has been no official confirmation of the full launch of this function. Therefore, the possibility that Microsoft just experiments with the feature on consoles, and those app listings are tests, is pretty high.

Of course, the support for Android apps will be revolutionary for those who would like to try games on their console. But is it really worth hoping for this feature, or has something just gone wrong?

A Simple Mistake?

According to the latest Microsoft source, it turned out that the company won’t release Android apps on the Xbox console. Thus, the hint in the Microsoft list of apps was just a mistake. Unfortunately, those wishing to install their favorite apps on the console can’t do this at the moment. So all that is left is to wait for the developers to release the console with a new port or create another feature.

Sadly, this piece of news appeared to be an app’s flaw, but many people found this idea worth developing. What do you think about this feature? Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful.