YouTube Brings Its Livestream Guests Feature to More Platform Users

  • Greg Burn
  • 05 Nov 2022

According to YouTube, the company is expanding its ‘Go Live Together’ feature and making it available to more users of the platform. With the help of this new function, YouTube creators will have more opportunities when it comes to making their livestreams more interesting.

The company started testing the Go Live Together feature in March of this year. At that time, only a selected number of YouTube creators got an opportunity to give it a try. Now that testing has been successful, the company is taking the service to the next level.

Just as the name suggests, the Go Live Together feature allows a user to invite another creator to join their livestream. When this happens, the video will be split vertically on the screen, so that both users can interact with one another.

The addition of this feature can be particularly useful to numerous brands that use YouTube as a tool in their businesses. Business owners and online personalities can use the feature to host interviews and host interesting livestreams with invited guests. The feature will definitely bring more engagement opportunities, so its value on the platform is obvious.

At the moment, the livestream feature is designed in such a way that only one guest at a time can join the broadcast. In comparison, Instagram is currently allowing up to three people to join the livestream and TikTok has just recently increased this number to five guests. Still, having even one guest joining is much better than not having this opportunity at all.

With the feature, it will be possible to post-roll, mid-roll, and pre-roll advertisements during livestreams. According to YouTube, all channels that have at least 50 subscribers will soon be able to use the Go Live Together feature.

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