YouTube Makes Channel Insights for Creators More Informative

  • Greg Burn
  • 31 Aug 2022

When you have a channel on YouTube, you’d like to have more useful information on how it performs and what you can do to make it more popular. YouTube has had Channel insights for that purpose, but there is always something to add. The recent update adds new insights that channel owners can use to benefit from by boosting their popularity.

The useful tool creators now receive is named “Other Videos Your Audience Watched”. It’s exactly what the name says: the insight into other videos seen by those who have seen your videos. The insight covers a period of 7 days. So it reflects general trends along with those specific for your audience.

Not that this feature is completely new, but It has been available for the most popular channels for a while. But now YouTube is rolling it out for everyone, even for those who have just created their channel. In addition, it introduces new filters. With these, you can sort the videos also watched by your visitors – for example, view only YouTube Shorts they watched, YouTube Live, VOD, or all of them.

Knowing these trends, creators will be able to improve both their content and its promotion to reach wider audiences. This can mean both catering to the viewers’ tastes and building better promotion strategies if you’re sure about your content. The stats can also encourage you to try new forms.
This isn’t the only feature YouTube has up its sleeve to make itself more attractive for creators. For example, now it’s testing the ability to color up community posts with stickers and text filters. This will make the communication more emotionally engaging.

If you are a creator, what do you think about these new insights? Which of the new features do you consider the most useful? Do you already know how you’ll use them to boost your channel growth? If so, let us know in the comments section!


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