LinkedIn Users Worldwide Will Now Get a Dark Mode

Similar to other modern social networks, LinkedIn decided that it’s time to add a more convenient interface option for those who like to use the site at night. The company has developed a dark mode that users can now implement on their devices whenever they feel it necessary. The new feature is available worldwide for over 774 million users of LinkedIn.

The company has previously mentioned that they plan to introduce the dark mode in 2021, but the work on this feature can be traced back to 2019. Now, the company is in the same row as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms that already offer an opportunity to switch to a dark theme. Just recently, Google also introduced dark mode that can be enabled on a desktop when you search.

The main benefit of the dark mode is that it is not as intense for the eyes and doesn’t strain them as much, especially when at night or in a room with dim lights. Some people are particularly sensitive to light that emits from screens and they will find this feature useful. Also, LinkedIn developed a new display option, so it will be easier to read text. Another benefit of the dark mode is that it saves battery life, so you can switch to it during the day for this purpose.
You can enable this feature in an app in just several easy steps:

  • Open Settings in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Go to Display in the Settings and there you will see a dark mode option.
  • Besides the dark and light modes, you can select device settings. This option is chosen by default for those members who have dark mode turned on their smartphones.

Do you use LinkedIn at night? Do you think this will be a useful function for you? Please, share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

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