Lyft and Tinder Collaboration: You Can Now Send a Ride to Your Date

Lyft and Tinder partnered up to offer an interesting feature to the users of both applications. The companies came up with a new function that makes it possible for a user on Tinder to send a ride to another person that they matched with. According to Tinder, this feature is designed to make it easier for people to connect with others in real life.

It is possible to access this function on the Explore page of Tinder, so if you want to buy a ride for another user, you can do this right in the app. What is great is that an individual that buys the ride credit doesn’t get any information when it comes to the recipient’s address. However, they get to decide how many credits they spend, the time of the ride, and the location. Once a user enters all the information, the recipient will get a link to their email address or phone number.

As you may expect, this is an optional feature and if you are a receiver, you can simply deny the ride. If you are a sender, you can decide if you want to buy a roundtrip ride or a one-way one. In the case that a recipient doesn’t use the ride, the credits will be refunded. It is necessary for both people to have Lyft accounts, but if someone sends you a ride and you don’t have an account at that moment, you can simply create it right away.

Obviously, there are plenty of ways that this type of feature can be abused. Some may decide to have a quick dinner, hop into a taxi, and leave while others may get a ride and then simply not show up for a date. With online dating, these incidents are unavoidable, but hopefully, not too many people will turn the feature into a nightmare.

What do you think about this new feature? Will you try using it in the future? Please, tell us what you think about this new function in the comments below!

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