Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Discusses India's Regional Content Popularity with Anurag Thakur

  • Greg Burn

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos met with Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur in the national capital on Friday to discuss the expanding creative economy and the rising popularity of India's regional content. 

The two discussed how India's regional content has become a global favorite and is amongst the most viewed content globally.

During their meeting, Thakur highlighted the creative economy in India and how it had emerged as a content and post-production hub backed by talented Indians. 

Sarandos expressed his admiration for India's regional content and how it has become popular around the world. He also discussed how the content is being dubbed in multiple languages, making it accessible to viewers from various parts of the world.

The two also discussed how India's content industry has grown exponentially over the years and how it has become a source of entertainment to many people. They further talked about how the industry is creating jobs and opportunities for the youth in India. 

Sarandos also discussed Netflix's plans to invest in more regional content and how they are looking to expand their presence in India.

It is evident that India's regional content is slowly gaining global popularity and has become a favorite amongst many viewers. Sarandos and Thakur's meeting is a testament to this as they discussed the industry and its potential for growth. 

Netflix is looking to invest in more regional content and expand its presence in India, and this can be seen as a positive sign for the industry. We look forward to seeing the industry thrive in the years to come. 

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