Netflix to Launch Monument Valley 1 & 2, Ubisoft, and Super Evil Megacorp Games in 2023

  • Greg Burn

Netflix is the world's leading streaming platform, and it looks set to take the gaming world by storm. The streaming giant has announced plans to launch several new titles from game developers, such as Monument Valley 1 & 2, Ubisoft, and Super Evil Megacorp, in 2023. The news has been exciting among gamers and industry experts alike. 

Monument Valley 1 & 2 are puzzle-adventure games developed by Ustwo Games. The games have been praised for their unique art style, clever puzzles, and immersive soundtracks. Players can explore fantastical architecture and uncover hidden secrets in their journey to restore peace to the valley. 

Ubisoft is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. The company is responsible for some of the most beloved franchises, including Assassin’s Creed. Netflix has announced that it will bring several of Ubisoft’s titles to its streaming service in 2023. This will allow gamers to dive into classic worlds and experience thrilling adventures. 

Super Evil Megacorp is a mobile game developer specializing in action-packed multiplayer games. The company is best known for its team-based battle arena title, Vainglory. Netflix is partnering with the developer to bring its games to the streaming platform. Players can join intense battles with their friends and compete against other teams. 

Netflix’s upcoming slate of titles is sure to excite gamers all over the world. The streaming giant is partnering with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to bring new games to its streaming services in 2023. With Monument Valley 1 & 2, Ubisoft, and Super Evil Megacorp on board, there is no doubt that the new titles will be nothing short of amazing.