Pandora and SoundCloud Collaboration Brings New Station

Recently it became known about a major collaboration between such giants as SoundCloud and Pandora. The companies have teamed up to create a new broadcasting station called "The Lookout by SoundCloud." It is already available to platform users. It is reported that all new items from the world of music and, in particular, hip-hop will be collected here.

This collaboration was a direct extension of an agreement between SiriusXM and SoundCloud to launch a brand new show on the Hip-Hop Nation channel. Now, new music will be released on these two resources at the same time. It is planned to add new artists every week. You can listen to fresh compositions from Toosii, Cico P, Metro Marrs, SoFaygo, Sleepy Rose, and many others. In this way, companies strive to provide young artists with more opportunities to reach audiences.

The new station started from the "The Lookout" playlist, which first appeared on SoundCloud back in 2019. It was here that the musicians who are now well-known all over the world, such as Megan Thee Stallion and Rod Wave, were first heard. So, if you are a true connoisseur of the hip-hop genre, you should definitely pay attention to this resource.

Under the current agreement between SoundCloud and SiriusXM, the companies do everything to attract as many new listeners as possible. For the content to reach younger users, the latter even launched TikTok Radio. It is a kind of audio version of the "For You" section. Also, to stay competitive in the huge stream of numerous streaming and podcast platforms, deals were made with Stitcher, Audio Up, and Simplecast.

Please let us know in the comments whether you use Pandora or SoundCloud? Are you interested in the new station? If not, which genre of music would you prefer?

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