WhatsApp Introduces High-Quality Image Sharing Feature

  • Samanta Blumberg

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform, has been continuously introducing new features to enhance user experience. The latest update spotted in its Android Beta version is the introduction of a feature that will enable users to share images in high quality or their original quality. 

Currently, when sending an image via WhatsApp, it automatically compresses them and this causes a loss of quality and details. To counter this problem, the app has been testing a new feature which will retain higher-resolution images even after they are sent on WhatsApp. This could be beneficial for users who want to retain high image resolution while communicating with friends or family members. 

It is expected that this feature will make use of additional data usage since it would send higher resolution images over the internet. To balance out data consumption by users due to this feature, WhatsApp may introduce a ‘High Quality’ toggle option for sending images in their original size or compressed size as per their requirements and preference. 

The addition of such functionality could also help businesses on WhatsApp Messenger Platforms, where having crisp visuals can make all the difference when trying to attract customers through advertisements or promotional messages sent directly from businesses' profiles on WhatsApp Business App. 

With various updates already introduced, such as E2EE chats and online payments along with privacy settings, the introduction of image sharing in its original quality is yet another step towards improving user experience on Whatsapp's platform making communication more interesting and effective than ever before!