YouTube Shorts to Now Include Revenue Sharing

  • Greg Burn
  • 10 Jan 2023

YouTube has announced that it will be starting revenue sharing for its popular feature, YouTube Shorts, beginning February 1. This change comes alongside the introduction of the new YouTube Partner Program agreement, which all creators must sign by July 10 in order to continue to monetize their content.

The new agreement includes several new modules that offer creators more flexibility in how they can earn money from YouTube. All creators must sign the "Base Terms," which include content policies and other details. The "Watch Page Monetization Module" is applicable to long-form or live-stream content on all YouTube products, and signing up for this module allows a creator to generate income from videos viewed on the YouTube website (or apps), as well as content embedded on third-party websites. Other modules offered in the agreement include the "AdSense Module" and the "YouTube Premium Module," which allow creators to receive income from ads and YouTube Premium subscribers, respectively.

Additionally, the agreement also includes a "Merchandise Module" for creators to sell merchandise associated with their channel, as well as a "Subscription Module" that allows creators to offer a subscription-based service to their viewers. Finally, the "Channel Memberships Module" gives creators the ability to offer exclusive benefits to their viewers who become members.

With the new agreement, YouTube is also introducing a new Partner Program Appreciation Fund, which will provide additional income to creators. The fund will be allocated based on a variety of criteria, including the number of subscribers and views, as well as the number of videos uploaded and engagement metrics.

YouTube's new agreement and revenue sharing for YouTube Shorts will give creators more options to monetize their content and make money from the platform. Additionally, the Partner Program Appreciation Fund will provide additional income for creators who meet certain criteria. With these new changes, YouTube is sure to see an increase in the number of content creators on the platform.

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